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All About: Whale & Squid

Physeter Macrocephalus & Architeuthis The Sperm Whale and the Giant Squid. The oceans, the seas, and the lifecycles operating in them are probably my favorite things ever. I've always loved everything underwater and deep sea, from the gulls that fly above it to the gulper eels that live 10,000 feet below. It's the most absurdly and vividly wonderful environment on earth. So naturally, it's my favorite thing to paint. The sperm whale is amazing and underrated. They're battle hardened carnivorous bastards who will dive down 3000 feet to combat giant squid armed with hooked tentacles in the effort to devour them. The duels between squid and sperm whale leave the whale with battle scars and scratches all over their body. That's no slouch. I paint subjects that just demand attention, that have a natural attitude and ego that won't allow you to look away. I'm attracted to the creatures that are savage badasses in their own element, that describes both the sperm whale and the giant squid. They're ronin, they're clint eastwood, they're outlaws, they're free and unfettered. They operate on their own terms, outside of a pack, wandering the sea, waiting to eat or be eaten. Needless to say, it makes for great inspiration. I loved working on this one, I'd love to do more like it: "Tooth & Tentacle" 15"x30" Oil on Gallery Wrap Canvas. ©2016 William Zev/William Zev Artworks.

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