wildly original

My aim is to bring things to life that are alive and free, something born beyond the surface, far out there somewhere. The themes of independence and originality are pinnacle to me, but also to the creative process. To create something freely as an artist is to just let it roam and elevate, not to tie it down with boundaries and boredom. I prefer not to live and create in the everyday superficial world of rules and regimens, I would rather let it all go and create new worlds and myths full of fascinating creatures.

My subjects have their own unique personalities and mythos, their own emotions and attitudes. From swarthy beauties, sentient apes, manlike monkeys, creatures of the deep, mermaids, birds, beasts, and beyond. They are unabashed, conscious, emotive, rebellious, raw, and beautiful in their own way, but most of all they are Alive.
 They are self aware, they have reached higher levels of being and seek out what's beyond. They blur the line between man and beast, wild and civilized, physical and immaterial, and ask what's the difference? They're all parts of a deeper world that I endlessly enjoy creating and sharing with others. 

For me, creating art is about reaching out into some misty, far out dimension and retrieving something strangely lovely with a story to tell, that others can connect with and love just as much as I do. The end result is more than a dreamy finished work, it's the experience of using your inner eye and fantasizing freely, it's letting go of the boxed external world that is, and exploring the other worlds out there.