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About the artist

William Zev is a surrealist painter, sculptor, and designer based out of the desert lands of Phoenix, Arizona. Zev's body of work encompasses surreal paintings and sculptures showcasing the denizens of the Zev Artworks Universe. With a true love for animals and the natural world, Zev's subjects are sentient, strange, and beautiful creatures that have minds and stories of their own, depicted with vibrant passion and painstaking detail through canvas and clay alike.

These subjects have their own unique personalities and mythologies, their own character and attitudes. 
They are self aware and full of questions. They're all part of a deeper world that Zev endlessly enjoys creating and sharing with this world.

Zev has been doodling, building, and creating since day one, studying and learning the ways of oil paint and clay for a lifetime. Focusing on sculptural studies, Zev earned a Bachelor of Fine Art from Arizona State University. Soon after, Zev discovered his secret world and developed its mythology and the creatures that live within it. Honing in on his surreal style and tone, He has created a world that is always being stirred with the breath of life.

For Zev, creating art is about reaching out into this misty, far off aether and retrieving strangely lovely beings with visual stories to tell, stories that viewers can dive deeply into, and love just as much as he does. 


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